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Preventive Medicine

In order to keep under control our pet’s health it’s better to have them visited at least once in a year. It’s important to check good health status and also to have a chat on your pet’s sanitary management. We are always here to teach you what’s better with your pet’s education, nutrition, screening tests (as Leishmania), internal parasites control (as intestinal worms and heartworms), external parasites control (as mange, fleas and thicks), vaccines, metabolic diseases and all other diseases related with ageing. There’s no one kind of strategy to battle diseases, it’s personalized on your pet’s health status, age and lifestyle in a rational way regarding your financial possibilities.

Internal Medicine

It’s not easy to describe in a few words this branch of the veterinary medicine that has as a goal to diagnose often complex diseases and treat them medically. Sometimes variuous diseases have similar symptoms and because of that we need a problem oriented approach (POA) whose aim is to create the best diagnostic pathway.

The aim is to find all the causes responsible of the disease, rule out accompanying pathologies, evaluate in an objective manner our patient an find a definite therapy. With this kind of approach, with sophisticated diagnostic equipment, with a contionous education regarding diagnostic and therapheutic protocols, l’Arca, is able to diagnose, control and treat complex diseases, assuring our pets with a better quality of life.

Soft tissue surgery and Orthopaedics

Not all the diseases can be trated medically, there are various conditions that need to undergo surgery. We have two separate operating theatres that can operate simultanously. Our staff has maximum attention in the surgery ward to cleanness, sterility also in order to lower the use of antibiotics because antibiotic resistance is of big concern in veterinary but also in human medicine. We perform soft tissue, thoracic and orthopaedic surgery.


Correct outcome of some procedures (major surgery, some diagnostic procedures, stress and pain control) depends on the provision of anaesthetics drugs that has to be dosed on the patient to garantee their security. Before the administration of these drugs it’s mandatory to do a preanaesthetic visit to determine the anaesthetic risk (ASA status, american society of anaesthesiology). Sometimes it’s necessary to run blood works, radiology, ultrasound to determine the presence of certain diseases and to adequate the anaesthetic procedure to that patient.

During anaesthesia, the anaesthesiologist, monitors constantly the patients conditions with his sophisticated equipments; breathing (spontaneous or mechanic),ecg, blood pressure, capnography, oxymetry are always under control. The monitors’s aim is to adequate the anaesthesiologic level to avoid a too deep or too light anaesthetic plane.

Pain control

Animals can feel pain as humans, one of the biggest challange in veterinary medicine is to recognise, control, treat and ,when it’s possible, to prevent pain. Our staff is trained to recognize an manage all the conditions that can cause acute or chronic pain. A firm approach is a multimodal pain management whose aim is to prevent, eliminate or control pain with the association of several analgesic drugs and analgesic procedures. Life is better and recover is faster treating pain.

Diagnostic Imaging

This is a wide branch of the veterinary medicine and are composed by various disciplines, as radiology and ultrasound, that can help the clinician to explore internal organs with non invasive digital imagines. L’Arca can perform digital radiology with high defined x-ray imaging with contrast media if necessary.. Digital radiology allows us to have excellent imaging with minimal exposure to x-rays for the patient.

Our ultrasound machine allows the clinician to perform abdominal, thoracic and cardiac ultrasounds.

Thanks to the cooperation with other reference clinics we can quickly program CT and MRI if our patient needs it.


At Clinica Veterinaria l’Arca, we have the ability to run some bloodwork in our in-house laboratory. This state-of-the-art machine can return results in minutes, allowing us to begin treating your pet quickly. We often use our in-house lab to check your pet’s bloodwork before anesthesia to ensure no underlying issues may cause complications. We perform coagulation test, serological test for parasite related diseases as leishmania, heartworms, tick-borne diseases, FIV and FeLV). We can also use this machine to diagnose or discover infection, decreased organ function, or electrolyte imbalances. We also perform faecal and urine examination, fungal colture and cytology. For more advanced tests, we are able to send out bloodwork to a trusted reference laboratory.

Behavioral Medicine

The study of behavioral medicine and the evaluation of small animal wellness is a new frontier in veterinary medicine. Behavioral medicine takes care of our animal’s psychological spheres and it’s objective is to control our pet’s stress, fears, anxiety, dysthymias and depression that can lead to aggressive behaviour or somatic or psychosomatic diseases. L’Arca veterinary clinic is aware of the importance of a helthy and well-balanced realationship within human and pet and therefore we have a specialistic service at your disposal.


Lasertherapy is a therapeutic technique that has been used successfully in veterinary medicine. It’s a non-invasive, painless and well-tolerated technique that did not require sedation or general anaesthesia. The laser beam is carried by a transducer on the skin and allows the light energy to be absorbed by the cutaneous tissue and to produce benefical effects on the organism. This technique, has a variaty of application fields, treating orthopaedic problems, as a support to wound healing, gingivitis, stomatitis and otitis treatment.

Clinical Nutrition

In the last decade the public has been aware of the clinical relevance of a healthy and well balanced nutrition for their pets. Veterinary clinical nutrition is a field of the veterinary medicine that allows the clinician to formulate adequate dietary plans to help support the animal in various clinical aspects. Home made diets have not to be selfmade by the owner but always formulated by an expert veterinary nutritionist. A specific nutritional plan can be requested to help manage obesity or poor appetite, weight loss, to manage food intolerances with symptoms as chronic vomit or diarrhoea, specific diseases as epathopathies and renal diseases or food related dermatopathies.


Our pet’s life expectations has increased thanks to high quality veterinary treatments, therefore, together with increased risk factors and better diagnostic procedures, also oncologic case records has raised in the last years, even in young pets. The oncologist, after a cytological or hystological diagnosis of the neoplastic disease will provide a correct stadiation with the help of laboratory testing, digital imaging techniques and, together with the owner try to heal or cronicize the pathology with the best tratment options (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or a combination of this options as a multimodal approach) regarding the patient’s wellness providing a good quality of life and a long cohabitation with the disease. All this options aren’t without side effects but they can be prevented or managed thanks to frequent checkups.


Dermatological problems are frequent in our pets (skin, coat, nails and ears) and although causes are various (parasitic, bacterial, fungal, allergic), symptoms are similar, therefore to abtain a correct diagnosis it’s necessary to have an accurate clincal examination with specific clinical tests with the aim to set up the right therapy to heal or control the disease otherwise it will leave in discomfort the patient and resultant frustration of the owner. In our clinic it’s possible to have:
  • dermatological visit for allergic, parasitic, bacterial, fungal, neoplastic and metabolic diseases
  • Microscpic examination of cutaneous scraping
  • Tricogram
  • Scotch test
  • bacterial colture with antibiotic essay
  • fungal colture
  • Prelievo di pelo e scaglie per coltura micotica;
  • cutaneous biopsies
  • criotheraphy for benign cutaneous neoplastic disease
  • allergic tests

A dermatological examination takes almost 1 hour and it’s necessary to have a series of checkups after.