L’Arca is the oldest veterinary clinic in the Val di Chiana area. Born in 1983 with the partnership of two young veterinary surgeon, Dr. Carlo Andrea Carloni and Dr. Stefania Mancini. We have lived in perfect harmony with the continous development of veterinary science and our thirty-year experience is at disposal for the cure, control and prevention of small animals diseases. Our philosphy is to increase the quality of life of our pets. There’s no limits to our professional education because it’s our passion that guides us, a foot in the past, focus on the present and a look into the future.


Carlo Andrea Carloni

Graduated at the University of Perugia with full marks in 1981. Founder and health director of l’Arca Veterinary Clinic. He has always worked in his clinic with special interest in internal medicine. From 2005 to 2006 he has volunteered as a clinician in Romania with the non-profit organization “Save the Dogs”. Since 2012 he’s a AVEC and ESCV member taking part to various national and international courses. In 2013 he takes a master’s degree in small animal ethology at the University of Pisa. Since 2014 he is registred in the FNOVI list of veterinary behaviouralist. He participates as a teacher at the ENCI courses for dog trainers and at SCEN courses for pet therapy trainers. In 2018 he has achieved the qualification as pet therapy veterinary specialist and participate in the activity of two pet therapy equipes. At present time special area of interest are internal medicine, behavioral medicine and animal welfare.

Veronica Greatti

Graduated in 1992 at the University of Perugia. She attended several veterinary clinics before her degree. Since 1993 she works at L’Arca and became associate in 1999. In 2003 she completes her SCIVAC educational training in emergency and critical care. In 2004 co-founder of the non-profit organization “FeliSOS” wich aim is to guarantee veterinary care to stray cats. In 2006 co-founder of the ENPA Valdichiana division. In 2010 she completes her Anaesteshiology post-graduate program. Main area of interest are feline medicine, dental care, anaesthesiology and pain treatment.

Carlo Bellucci

Graduated in 2010 at the University of Perugia with an experimental thesis on “Neoplastic lesions and similar neoplastic lesions in the cat’s oral cavity” which has been published the following year on the scientific journal “Veterinaria”. In 2011 he worked in the field of emergency and critical care. In 2012 he attended the Diagnostic Cytophatology course at the University of Perugia. Since 2013 he works with l’Arca and became an associate in 2020. In 2015 he achives the UNISVET Oncology master’s degree. He’s a SICIV and SIONCOV member. Presently area of interests are internal medicine, oncology, dermatology, laboratory medicine and particularly cytology.

Roberta Pergolesi

Graduated in 2015 at the University of Camerino with a sperimental thesis on the use of a LCP Synthes system in canine fractures. She begins a orthopedic specialistic training at the Anubi Veterinary Hospital in Turin and in 2017 became in charge of the hospital’s Orthopedic and Traumathology section. Since 2016 AIVPA-SITOV member. She achieves continuing education in surgery, orthopedics and traumathology. Since 2020 she’s in charge of l’Arca’s surgery section, orthopedics an soft tissue surgery her main interests.

Francesca Basili

Graduated with honour at the Uinversity of Perugia in 2012. In 2013 she takes place to an internship at the San Marco veterinary clinic in Padova with Dr. Marco Caldin and Dr. Tommaso Furlanello. The same year she participates to a basic and advanced course in small animal ultrasonography and echocardiography at the University of Perugia and in 2015 to the UNISVET advanced course of small animal abdominal ultrasound with Dr. Paolo Bargellini. From January to September of the same year she attends an abdominal and cardiac ultrasound training athe Tyrus veterinary clinic in Terni with Dr. Paolo bargellini. Since 2013 she works at L’Arca with special interests in internal medicine, ultrasonography, radiology. Since 2019 she’s in charge of commercial and drugs orders of the clinic.

Fiamma Calvino

Graduated at the University of Parma in 2010, she spent the firts 4 years of her professional life working with horses interested in equine farm medicine. In 2015 she decided to transfer her skills in small animal medicine working in our clinic predominantly in the intensive care unit. In 2019-2020 she attended the SCIVAC GPCert Nutrition course. Her main interests are intensive care and nutrition.

Cristina Tamantini

Graduated at the University of Perugia in 2004 where she achieves a PhD in Equine Science at the Department of Surgery and Radiodiagnostics. She continues to work as a veterinary surgeon and resaercher at the university department for 10 years with main interests in anaesthesiology and diagnostic imaging. Since 2021 she’s part of Clinica Veterinaria l’Arca with special interests in internal medicine and anaesthesiology.

Francesca Belocchi

Graduated in 2011 at the University of Perugia with a thesis on “Tracheal collaps of the dog: surgical treatment with extratracheal and endoluminal prothesics”. In the same year she begins to work as a surgeon and a general pratictioner with small animals. She participates to various courses and has a continuing education in her primary interests that are soft tissue surgery and haematology.

Patrizia Morini

She works as an employee at the clinic, primarly as receptionist but due to her personal skills with animals she is also very helpful as a nurse.

Noemi Tremori

External Co-workers

Elena Bossolini

DVM, Master's degree in Small Animal Cardiology, Cardiology and Ultrasonography.

Iulia Elena Filipescu

DVM, PhD, Ophtalmology

Marco Barberini

DVM, Endoscopy

Raffaele Ciaccini

DVM, GpCert SAS, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Oncologic surgery.